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What's Included

Learn, create new habits, achieve your goals, and be rewarded for doing so!

Success Modules across 7 Health & Movement Categories

  • Video education for each module
  • Quizzes to reinforce what you viewed and learned.
  • Written referenced articles to enhance your knowledge even further.
  • Action Items to apply the knowledge in a practical way that helps you to create new habits and achieve your goals.
  • For all levels – modules rated beginner, intermediate, or advanced.
  • Reward points for completing learning and action items
  • Categories include:
    • Nourishment
    • Hydration
    • Breath
    • Immune Function
    • Movement
    • Weight
    • Aging
  • New success modules added monthly!

Online Community to move, learn, and celebrate together

Private Facebook Group

  • Weekly livestream sessions (recorded)
  • Unique workouts in 3 plane function
  • Education on various wellbeing topics
  • Expert guest speakers
  • Regular self-care tips
  • Student recognition/celebration

Get your questions answered & access to expert advice

Office Hours with Eileen

  • Monthly teleconference calls hosted with Eileen to answer your questions about how you can become pain-free for life.
  • Special topic in movement discussed each week
Eileen during Office hours
Zoom call

A celebration for actively working towards and achieving your goals

Monthly Special Zoom Event

  • Earn 100 reward points and get invited to these special events hosted each month.
  • Special classes and specific training
  • Surprise expert speakers

Stay motivated to achieve your goals to age well and resolve pain

Reward Points

Earn reward points for pretty much everything you do!

  • Participation in the private Facebook group: posting comments/questions, reading posts, etc.
  • Performing the workouts: bonus points for consistency!
  • Attending the live sessions: bonus points for consistency!
  • Enrolling and doing module content: bonus points for completing a module!
Ways to Earn Points in Academy

Hours of on-demand content and workouts

Access to Move Without Pain Private Club

LIFETIME subscription to the MWP Private Club containing over $3,500 worth of on-demand content related to health & movement

  • 52 weeks of movement teaching, workouts, and classes
    • on-demand expert education in powerful truths behind human movement
    • separate movement workouts to follow along with whenever your schedule allows
    • 24/7 access to ALL health/pain tips (including Geek Corner Videos, supporting docs, articles, and studies)
    • enhanced movement education provided in the Going Deeper content (new content added weekly)
  • Pain Self-Assessment: Find Your Pain Culprits
    • Structured 24-minute self-assessment video and worksheet to find your real pain culprits
  • Online Video Education
    • Nourish Away Pain: Learn the 3 ways food promotes pain in your body.
    • Common Treatments for Pain: Know your risks/benefits of common treatments for pain.
    • What Works for Pain: Be empowered with what really works to become pain-free.
  • Have Lifelong Wellbeing Newsletter

Ready to address your pain culprits and age well?

The MWP community is full of like-minded individuals who seek truth and choose to take action for a healthy, pain-free life. We're all standing by to welcome you to the academy!