Pain & Weight Part 1

This is the first of a 2-part presentation that covers important basics behind how excess weight can directly impact chronic pain and inflammation in your body. If you have not yet achieved ideal weight and you have issues such as joint pain, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, difficulty sleeping, sleep apnea or pain sensitivity, you will want to complete this module. Once you have completed this module, you will understand the basics of how excess weight affects your risk of OA, low back pain, and much more. You will also learn how food, movement, and weight loss can help to positively impact many of these issues.

This module includes:

  • 24-minute video to watch
  • 7 page PDF to read
  • 20 question quiz to complete
  • 5 action items that will challenge you to apply healthy strategies to achieve a healthy weight
  • 6 question summary to complete